Daikoku Island Round Cruise 4, Human Torpedo !

by Kazu

I did not know that there was the hidden base of Japanese maritime force before in this island "Daikoku-jima".
Have you ever heard of  "human torpedo " that was a kind of suicide bomb torpedo operated by a human. It can be said that was a kind of "Banzai Attack" of human torpedo.
This area must have been off-limits to normal citizens of Akkeshi Town, I think..Hidden tunnels and some stock yard must be in this island.
It was ridiculous to oblige the normal citizens to be soldiers and to die for the nation in vain. But the novice soldiers headed to the front line of the war and devoted their lives and future for their beloved in the territory of Japan.
Even now, Japanese people have not learned expensive lessons from why the nation dived into the war and defeated. Nobody recognizes that there must be some people who are responsible for the total strategy for the whole nation.
Can you see some hole on the cliff near the sea level ? Small submarines that had bombs inside were in those holes at the end of World War Ⅱ.
It might be like DPRK to cheat the citizens for very few fat ugly "elite". But the spirit of Japanese nation is originally different from such pure egoism that is fully shown by our neighbors currently. Altruistic behavior must have been made the most of by some egoistic elites who pursued their fame and benefits. They did not care the total strategy of the nation and led the nation to the suicide parade like lemmings.      

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