Chemical reaction might have happened ?

by Kazu

The ladies visited Hokkaido Akkeshi Shouyou High School and paid a courtesy call to the Principal Mr. Serizawa and the Vice -principal Mr.Kimura.
 The high school produces the chef in the ships and fishermen as well as the seafood technician. The would-be chefs in the ship are so popular that the companies that are eager to hire the chefs for fleets snap up for the green boys and girls who will graduate.  
Expecting their ability to adjust and manage to respond to unexpected situation, I had not given the ladies enough briefing on the
contents of this meeting.
Actually, one of the ladies asked me not to do such surprising arrangement that required their quick response without enough preparation. But such kinds of training and actual tough situations will be here and there around them in not-so-distanced future, absolutely.  It might be the beginning of their of their wonderful surprising environment. Yes, it just started !
To be honest, I was really satisfied with the ability of the ladies to adjust to the situation. I thought they could shared the uncertainty of the future with the high school students who also are being suffered from the ambiguity of their future.  

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