Looking back from this peaceful moment to the World War Ⅱ!

by Kazu

The ladies might be so tired after the tough two-day work on the small island but the small dog "Kiinako"must have eased the pain of their joints and ligaments.
While drying the kelp, Mr. Ishizaki gave the ladies the information on his experience and the history of this small island. The question period might be short but based on the tough work they share, they could easily understand what Mr. Ishizaki explained.
As the reward for the tough work to the ladies, Mr. Ishizaki kindly arranged the round tour to "Daikoku Island".
Do you know that the base of former Japanese Maritime Force was in this island ?  
There is vary few flat area on this island and nobody is living there.Seals and birds could be seen on the coastline. No tour company has this type of tour around this island. We were so lucky to be able to see the back side of the island.

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