Happy New Year from my hometown !

by Kazu

 It was minusi ten degrees in Celsius in the morning of my hometown kitami City but so comfortable for me that I jogged around in the afternoon for the first time around my house in Kitami City . It seemed to be snowing on the southern mountains. Below is the typical breakfast on the first day of each year in Japan. Boiled and sweetened black beans, soy-sauce-flavored herrings roe, boiled  yam, fishcake, lotus-root, Japanese mushroom "Shiitake", carrot and chicken, namely the mixture called  "Umani". Grilled rice cake "Mochi" should be put into the chicken soup flavored with soy-sauce and dried kelp and bonito flakes. Please enjoy the splendid new year with the nations that has common senses of the international stage !

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