After the excursion with ladies !

by Kazu

Have I posted these photos before ? After dropping off the ladies at Neipal Akkeshi in Akkeshi Town, I sat back, indulged in soaking in the hot spring bath  and had a nap in the hotel. What I found next was the lighting of bar-hopping area in Kushiro City.    
In La Vista Hotel in Kushiro and other are, you can have complimentary ramen noodle soup from 21:00 to 22:30 in the evening. But I missed the compliment in the evening. As I was so looking forward to the complimentary ramen noodle soup, I strolled around the hotel searching for ramen noodle soup at midnight.
The quality salt-based flavor of the ramen noodle soup provided in the ramen restaurant opened at midnight in the bar-hopping area of Kushiro City impressed me so much.
I was the only one guest in the restaurant. at midnight on that day.
The owner chef and his wife was wrapping up to close the restaurant. I might be the last guest in that night. There were very few ramen restaurant available at midnight in Kushiro City. Please check out the ramen restaurant available even at midnight before visiting Kushiro City ;)

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