Apart from the ladies !

 by Kazu

Just after arriving at Port Tokotan in Akkeshi Town, I headed to the railway station of Akkeshi Town to go back to Kushiro City that has sister relationship with New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.
 The ladies who spent three days in the small island "Kojima"with me were dropped off at their accommodations "Neipal Akkeshi". I was released from the role of the guardian for the ladies for a while.
I thought I would be able to catch the train to head to Kushiro Town but as a result, I just missed the train because the time had been changed on August 30(Sat.). i could not believe such operation and some of the tourists also missed the train and would not be able to make it for transit.
 The travel company that arranged the tour did not recognized the change and did not tell the tourists.
I could have enough time to repack my baggage to lug around and to look back the tough work on Kojima with the ladies. I would have to take them to the tour in the eastern part of Hokkaido at my expense the next day as the reward to them;)

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