Three Sixty from the Lookout "Biwase" !

by Kazu

This is the 360 degrees scenery from the lookout "Biwase". We were so lucky to have fine days during our stay in Kushiro sub-prefectural area.
Biwase Marsh could be seen from the lookout in the direction of north. Without the sunshine, the marsh and pond could not emit such bright color.
As the first scenery from the first lookout for them in Hokkaido, I was not bad and I was so satisfied that I was able to show the beauties the beauty.
They took the photos of the scenery and just enjoy the magnificent view from the lookout that convinced them of the round shape of this globe.
The ocean was also bright light blue and the border of the ocean and the sky became part of the beautiful gradation.
Yes, the earth is a sphere. But how often we recognize the fact in a day usually.
This is one of the best place to remember the fact, I think. Again, the name of the lookout was "Biwase". See you again !

To be continued

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