Lake Mashu !

by Kazu

I am not sure if the ladies will remember how the landscape and sky were beautiful on that day in the future or not but it has been recorded here and I hope that one of them will revisit there and this blog site.
Now that they must be struggling with landing job, they do not have time to look back last year. After having got a job, they will remember the days in Hokkaido, I think.
Have you ever seen such clear view of this Lake Mashu ? Usually, this lake tends to be covered with deep white fog.
The harmony of deep blue lake, light blue sky, deep green forest of spruce, light green leaves and white branches of birch took their breath away.
I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed praying for the success in their job-landing. They will rise to the occasion in the job interviews. It may be difficult to hammer out the right answer in job-interview but they will be able to appeal themselves and their ability to step up to the plate. The tour in Hokkaido delivers the goods to make it to get jobs, I think.

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