Lake Mashu and Next !

by Kazu

It takes guts to dive into terra incognita but if the new world to step in is filled with the beauty of the nature, you do not feel fear and the world may addictive.
As you can see, Lake Mashu that is surrounded by steep slope and cliff is caldera lake with an island at the center of it.
My mandate to attend for a week was being completed.
It may be so difficult for them to see again the same scenery as beautiful as these photos when they visit the same lookout.
The crater including the lake is surrounded by the plain and gentle hills.
The sulfur mountain could be seen from the lookout of Lake Mashu. Lake Kussharo could be seen as well. We had to leave the lookout to see as much as we can in the eastern part of Hokkaido.

To be continued.

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