Petit Sale in Aka-renga Terrace !

by Kazu

One of what we have been missing since we came back from Ottawa is ・・・・・?
We happened to drop by a cozy French bistro in Akarenga Terrace facing the original old office building of Hokkaido Prefectural Government made of red bricks that is called "Akarenga".
Due to the total design of the building, the restaurant is like a so-called "Unagi-no-Nedoko" which means a nest of eel " in Japanese.
It express the shape narrow and long.
A pretty mascot dog was laid at the corner of the restaurant. As a starter, we ordered liver paste with crisp sliced baguette. The pate of tasty liver was so nice that we ordered another dish of sliced baguette. But it was not what we had been eager to savor.
The URL is https://31urban.jp/pc/lng/eng/akarenga.html

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