Buckwheat Noodle Restaurant "Mebunryo 2015" !

by kazu

Yes, this is one of the most famous and popular buckwheat noodle restaurant in Hokkaido because the amount of buckwheat noodle is so limited everyday that the delicious buckwheat noodle called "soba" is sold out early in the afternoon.  
 The top photo is "soba" dish accompanied with "Kakiage", the mixture of fried shrimp, onion, herb and fishcake. What I posted yesterday is soba dish accompanied by hot soup flavored and featuring quality meat of mallard. The meat is shown above.
This is the entrance of the restaurant. Before it is opened, several people make line waiting their turn.
The premises of the restaurant is well-trimmed and -cared. At the beginning of May, everything was so moderate and kind for the residents and tourists.

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