Steak House "The Meat Shop" in Sapporo !

by Chis. 

It may be so difficult to find the nice steak restaurant at the center of Sapporo City because the restaurant is on the fifth floor of a small building, "Sapporo Chuo Building, Kita 1-jo, Nishi 3-chome, Chuo-ku, Sapporo City.
Phone: 011-231-2909
 The juicy beef produced in Ikeda Town where quality wine has also been produced for years, is the big draw in the restaurant.

The salad and drink bar is located at the center of the small restaurant and you can enjoy healthy organic veggies with delicious sauce of some kind.
 This salad bowl is one of the most popular menu particularly for adults who are on diet and concerned about the calorie in-take form carbohydrate. Iceberg lettuce, boiled egg, rib roast and three kinds of beans are contained.
This is my first help from the salad bar. Sea weed and Judas's ear are contained. So healthy and nice. So are the dressing.
Bell pepper and sliced onion came with the tasty roasted rib. It is getting colder day bay day. Would you beef up yourself in this restaurant with this quality meat ?