Rokkatei Campagna della Vigna 2 !

 by Kazu

I have not recognized the bell tower and heard the sound of the bell before.
 We headed to the sweets paradise of Rokkatei Patisserie. The peaks of Mt. Tokachi(dake) and Mt. Asahi(dake) could be seen from the deck of the patisserie.
These are the original sweets that can not be savored in other branches of Rokkatei.
Grape omelet, Furano rice cake that contains sweet red-beans paste, green soy beans cake and ice cream flavored with grape can be savored only in this patisserie.
 The deck is so wide and comfortable with the smell of grape and wind in the hollow.
Delicious quality wine can be expected this year too.
We felt the power of this land every time we visit this area. The deities in this region must be kind and filled with love.

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