The protagonists of the project !

by Kazu

Such kind of grass field is peculiar to the east end of Hokkaido Island.
It is so, yes like on the cliff facing the ocean in Europe and North America.
 The name of the cape is the namesake of the language used by the indigenous people in Hokkaido Ainu but the original pronunciation is shown in Chinese Characters in Japanese. Based on the used characters, the new story was made in Japanese.
The name of the cape Aicappu is made of the characters that means "love" 愛 and "crown" 冠.
Just after being born, human beings are loved and get to know the love. "Some people seek for the new love, some swear by  
never-ending love, some pray for the courage to live the new life. If you ring the bell on the cape with your hope, the sound of the bell can be heard all over the area as if it was the word of incantation whispered by the deity of the cape, and the hope and love must come true", described on the monument.
Besides, a small museum is near the cape and I will post the photos I took in it days later.
The tagline on the sign is "Experience the lively nature !"
The protagonist of the project and the tour should be this beautiful landscape and the culinary delights sourced locally but・・・・・・
 ・・・they would be the real protagonists and big draw of the town for a month or longer.
Please be looking forward the next report on the activities and their performance in the town and other area on this globe  !

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