Open-air Hot Spring "Fukiage-no-yu" in Kamifurano Town !

by Tacky.
I went to the "Fukiage hot spring" in Kamifurano Town.
The "Fukiage hot spring" is in the mountain of Kamifurano Town. Fukiage means “gush” in Japanese.
The "Fukiage hot spring" is known as a certain open-air bath for many years.
Hot spring spas are very popular in Japan as it has been believed that hot spring water has the medical-treatment effect for many years.
Especially, this hot spring became famous, after the popular actress "Rie Miyazawa" took a bath there in the nation-wide popular TV drama "From the Northern Country".

Therefore, other than the people living near the place, many tourists visit this place and soak their body in the bath.
As the hot spring water is a little bit too hot, people who use the hot spring bath mix the cold spring water gushing near the hot.
In winter, the snow near the hot spring is put into the bathtub to adjust the temperature of the water in the bathtub.
When I visited there, some local people were cleaning the bathtub under the sky.
Since many of such open-air baths are opened widely gratis, the hot spring baths are cleaned and improved by the people living near the place.

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