On the way to Niikappu Town !

by Chis.

We were heading to Niikapppu Town to worship and greet to our ancestors whose souls were said to be coming to this world during Japanese "Bon".
On our way to Niikappu Town where the graveyard my maternal ancestors were sleeping, we dropped by so popular Soba buckwheat noodle soup restaurant called "Izumi Diner".

So many citizens and tourists swamped by the restaurant that we had to wait for a while in front of the building.
Different from other soba restaurants, the noodle was flat and thick. I did notthink that was my hubby's taste.
I chose the topping of fried carrot and burdock sticks. The aroma of the soup stimulated the appetite so much. We Japanese make noise when we sip the hot soup and eat the noodle because we enjoy the yum aroma amply from the too hot soup for occidental people.
 I have never seen such thick buckwheat noodle but it seemed to be so popular and many tourists bought the noodle for souvenirs.
Fried sliced octopus also can be savored as the topping.
The location of the restaurant is introduced in Japanese at

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