The scenery from "the Thorough-bred Ginza" in Hidaka Sub-prefctural area !

by Kazu

Can you find the horses over there ? Hidaka Sub-prefectural area produces quality race horses and riders as it has done.
 A white horse and her colt or filly brown were eating the grass on the hill.
The colt or filly for the race has to part from its mother.  It may be the happiest time for the colt or filly in its life other than the moment it wins the race in the future.
 Other horses were also enjoying their happiest time on the vast green field beside the road called "Thorough-bred Ginza".
This is the parking area and lookout beside the road. It showed the name of this area "Thorough-bed Ginza" which meant the center of producing thorough-bred horses.
Before the winter, the colts and fillies grow much bigger than now.
They are singles, aren't they ?
 A herd of horses stimulated me so much. I wanted to ride and go with the wind on the hill !
But we did not have enough time to enjoy horse riding this time and we headed to Sapporo City before it was getting dark.

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