It is like looking for a needle in a hay stack ?

by Kazu

"No", is the answer to the question of title. There were a variety of treasures to touch, feel, smell and savor in Akkeshi Town. The ladies from the metropolitan areas of Japan would discover the precious in the area and contribute their plans to make the most of its small island where fishermen and their family lived in during summer.    
 These ladies were the key player in this game. On the first day of the project, they seemed stay on top of their game in Akkeshi Town.
The slope which connects the accommodation with the old downtown was a little bit too steep for them to go up without stepping down from the bicycle.  
 I took them to the lookout on the cape after having breakfast. I hoped they would be struck by the beautiful landscape.
The youth itself has the power, beauty and intestinal fortitude. It forced me to seek for what I really wanted, was eager to feel and touch in my adolescence. It never allowed me to give up because the cup of my heart was never filled up.  
 I was not sure if the ladies were feeling the same kinds of drought and hunger or not but they had the right to contemplate, struggle to do something with uncertainty. But I would like them to just enjoy their stay and the scenery at this point on this globe.
I visited the lookout again with them. The name of the cape was "Aicappu". While looking the island they would land on to experience hard work to dry the kelp, what did they think ?
"Are you happy ?"
"Why not !"

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