Mt. Rishiri-Fuji ②

by Tacky

Mr. Kyuuya Fukada gave a comment on Mt. Rishiri-Fuji,  "I can not find such mountain that was shaped by a whole island and moreover,  is no less than 1721 meters high other than this mountain in Japan."
For this reason, a mountaineers have to climb the mountain from the sea level [ of about 0 m ] as the starting point to the peak.
This is the biggest difference and the feature which other mountains don't have.

In many cases climbing a mountain with a peak of high altitude, a mountaineer starts at the altitude of around 1000 meters high or more.
Moreover, as the name of the mountain shows, the shape of Mt. Rishiri-Fuji has the similar beautiful shape of "Conide" like Mt. Fuji.
For this reason, the slope of the trail becomes steeper gradually as you get closer to the summit.
To be continued.