Accommodations in Akkeshi Town !

by Kazu

This is the room where I stayed in Neipal Akkeshi. The room is for six to eight visitors but I stayed alone in the room. Just after the arrival, I packed up four sets of Futon in plastic bags for our stay in the small island off shore of the town.
The hanger rack was filled with my clothes in the night. After the long train ride from Sapporo City through Kushiro City to Akkeshi Town, I was  a little bit tired but the  room was squeaky clean and the bed was so comfortable that I kicked back and wait for the bath the ladies were using before me.  
There was only a female guest other than us in the accommodation.
I had to take the ladies to Japanese traditional inn called "Ryokan" in downtown next morning. I got ready for the project. I could imagine the success of our team in the night !

To be continued.

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