Hakugin-so in Kamifurano Town !

by Tacky.
I went to the accommodation and spa "Hakuginsou", after visiting "Fukiage hot spring."
However, it is not required to stay in the accommodation to use the spa.
The building is built with wood logs. Yes, it is so-called “log house”.

The output of the hot spring is abundant here and is free-flowing from the fountainhead.
Moreover, this hot spring is well-known for the healing quality.
There are a bathing room and a sauna room in "Hakuginsou."
Moreover, there is also an area for both males and females with swimming suits in the spa.
The spa and each bathtub have a wide space and the water temperature varies from a bathtub to another.

"Hakuginsou" is in a mountain and you have to go up a steep slope by car to reach the accommodation. You can enjoy so beautiful scenery on the way to the accommodation..
Since it is distant even from the nearest village, stars can be seen so clearly and nicely in the night.
I love this hot spring!