Rokkatei Campagna della Vigna !

by  Kazu

Do you remember this vineyard which photos I posted before.
It is in Hokkaido, not in Europe.
 Thanks to the bless of the deities in Hokkaido, the grapevine bore fruit and the grapes were ripening.
Trimming the grapevine requires patience, high degrees of skill, enthusiasm and love.
 The winery of the facility is a little bit away from this area, so the smell of the air was pretty good.
This is the entrance of the Jingisukan BBQ restaurant named Shirakaba that means birch in Japanese.  
 Do you remember the lunch we had here, Kathleen and Alan ?
Now the quality grapes are harvested.
Fresh and delicious lamb and sliced onion were what we had here as well as top quality steamed rice and miso soup.
 The special lamb soaked in the special sauce is so nice to grill and pig out.
The URL of the facilities is

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