At the horn of the cape !

Article by Kazu
Photos by the beautiful girls

Some of my friend might be aware of the danger of my hair but it is still showing its presence on my forehead.
Besides, the beauty of Akkeshi Town was so impressive and the contrast of the green, blue sky, cobalt blue and the light blue on the horizon with white clouds was so striking that I could not stop taking photos.
Looking the island that was the base of Japanese submariners, unknowingly we were talking about the real objectively right history that had not been alleged by a certain ideology and the benefit of undemocratic countries.
We have to protect the innocent smiles shown by such beauties but the reality of the world ruled by the greed had been, was and is too harsh for the people with conscientious to make it to right the wrong.
I was convince that my wife and I should devote ourselves who don't have kids,  to telling them the objectively right history and the dispute among the countries that were eager to make the most of the defeat of Japan in World War Ⅱ.
Speaking of the project we arranged, the beauties from the main island of Japan pay a courtesy visit to the fixer of the town Mr. Minatoya and his stuff members.
The ladies were given a brief on the outlook and history of the town.
The ladies started to kicking around the draft of the plan from the scratch to maximize dramatically the exposure and communicating the information on the town.
 To be continued.

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