The Project in Akkeshi Town ! Early in the morning of Day-1!

by Kazu

It was so beautiful day. Early in the morning, I jogged and watch around the base camp of the project.
Three beautiful ladies in their junior grade of the universities in Kyoto and Tokyo took part in the scheme to revitalize the area.
The accommodation Neipal Akkeshi was located on the hill heading to the lookout facing the Pacific  Ocean.
Going down the hill to old downtown, aged houses and the entrance of Akkeshi Bay could be seen from the hillside heading north.  
It took fifteen minutes to reach the center of old down town by jogging.
Akkeshi bay was over the hill on the right. It was a shallow bay that nurtured a variety of creatures such as Japanese conch, shrimp, scallop, snapper, oyster, clam and so forth.
Going back to the entrance to the premises of Neipal Akkeshi and passing by it, I stepped into the path along which Japanese beech and birch grew thick.
It was near the sea but some brown bears explored near the place.
Even in late August, some trees had shed their leaves as if they withered years ago. It might be some kind of disease of plants.
Keeping on stepping forward, I blinked in the sparkling sunshine through the tunnel of trees.
There was a wide wide space where many antennas were set.
I could see the monument of some kind over there.
What's that ?

To be continued.

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