Bulletin, The Democratic State Taiwan !

by Kazu

It may be a pity that such kind of bulletin is not shot to the country that would like to conquer its a part?of the area governed  by democratic system brought by the United Kingdom albeit the democracy in its area was brought with Helen that meant opium poppy .

 I keep my fingers and toes crossed for the continuing democracy in Hon Kong.
Fight, Fight, Fight ! the freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior of the universities in Hong Kong !
 But the democracy in Hong Kong might be blown off like the fire of the candles in the wind of wandering communism, no, by the descendant of the rest after the genocide in China yeas ago.

Mr. Yoshiro ITO, the top of Hokkaido Economy and the original driving force of Hokkaido for establishing and enhancing international relationship between Hokkaido and other area on this globe, delivered the speech congratulating on the anniversary of the establishment of Taiwan.

 The Chair of the All Hokkaido Alliance of Hokkaido-Taiwan Friendship Group Mr. Kimura also delivered the speech to play up the strong relationship between Hokkaido and Taiwan.
Kudos to Mr. Kimura and other fixers of the relationship between Hokkaido and Taiwan.

A variety of attractions were arranged by the representative office of Taiwanese Government and the association.
 The reception in Sapporo City for the Taiwanese 103rd anniversary of its establishment was held in this kind of enthusiasm raised by the people in Hokkaido.
I am very sorry for failing to post the name of the venue of this event. It was held in Eminence Hall of KEIO PLAZA Hotel Sapporo.
 It was so------ nice reflecting the conscientiousness of the people in Hokkaido and Taiwan.
 Mr. Shigeru YOKOYAMA is the most important key person during coming 20 years of Hokkaido. He is now struggling to realize the Shangrila designed by the Mayor of Numata Town Mr. Kanehira  and other oracles in Hokkaido.  

 Besides, we happened to get to know a certain beautiful woman who had a strong relationship with Taiwan and Hokkaido. It was so solid time with both of them !

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