Have you ever seen the horses of this kind ?

by Kazu

I was very surprised to see the similar kind of horses in Iceland before.
I Samurai Era of Japan, the Samurai warrior rode this kind of small horses, not Arab and Thorough-bred.

 In the movie films describing the Samurai Era, all the Samurai warriors rode the horses of much bigger size.  
But the reality was that Samurai warriors did not fought each other on the horses' backs. Samurai warriors used the horses only for moving to the venue of the war. They were like knights.
In Japan, the horses of this kind can be seen in Tokara Islands and here in Hokkaido..
 Re-crowned white cranes stay in the marsh in Kushiro sub-prefectural area. Some are migratory birds but some are not.
This marsh is the sacred area for the migratory birds and other kinds of creature.

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