Wild Life Preservation Center in Kushiro Marsh !

by Shuukou

A variety of migratory birds drop by Kushiro Marsh and adjacent meadows to get the second wings having a rest for the next flight.
 Some of red-crowned white cranes stay in the marsh all the year round without going north in summer and south in winter.
Their landing is so beautiful even in the drab color of the marsh, I think. The contrast of white, black and red is like a flower with impulse.
Professor Higashi and Amano joined the excursion around Akkeshi Town on that day. The ladies seemed a little nervous in front of their teachers.
Mr. Nakamura in Kushiro Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government was the best person to attend the guests from other part of this country. His guidance was worthwhile, I was convinced.
The decoy of a albatross was so real but other stuffed and embalmed birds were watching us as if they were living.  

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