Epilogue 3 !

by Kazu

White yachts were seen from the lookout on Cape Shukutsu. Yes, that was the season of marine sports.
The white head of the lighthouse on the cape could be seen from the lookout.  
I've never dived into the ocean from this cape but I can easily imagine the landscape under the water because I have dived into the adjacent area so frequently years ago.  
This building with red roof is called "Nishin Goten" that means " Mansion of Herrings" in Japanese. It was built in 1897, not on this site but in Tomari Village on the west coast of Shakotan Peninsula. It was moved to this site in 1958 by Hokkaido Tanko Kisen Inc. that cerebrated its 70th anniversary in the year. 

After it was moved to this site, it was given to Otaru City and designated as the tangible cultural heritage of Hokkaido for the first time for a private house. The tools used for herrings-fishing, processing herrings, utensils and cutlery and photographs are exhibited in the building. You can easily imagine and experience their style of life and work there. 

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