Epilogue 2 !

by Kazu

Have you got it ?
Yes, this lady dropped by and stay in my condo. for a few days. She could not book a seat in the train called "Twilight Express" that connects Sapporo City and Osaka.
 Is it called "Red-eye Express" like "Red-eye Flight "in English ? I do not think so. Staying in the train for a night or two with the beautiful landscape from the window and gorgeous interiors is one of the most popular pastimes like "Oriental Express" and Canadian Express.
I took her to Cape Shukuzu in Otaru City albeit she was eager to visit the place one of her favorite movie film "The Bread of Happiness " featuring "Yoh Ohizumi" and "Tomoyo Harada"was shot.
 As we do not have enough time to visit the location point on that day, I took her to the most popular sight seeing area but this point was given only to the people who love this ocean.
To be continued.

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