Got it !

by Shuukou

The target of the project was the small island called "Kojima" offshore of Akkeshi Town and the total promotion of the town.  
 The citizens thought nobody would be on the island in not-so-distanced future.  The island is near the good kelp-picking point. Only in summer, thirteen people of six households live on the small island for kelp-picking.  
Once upon a time, some member of the chamber of commerce and industry in the town planned to invite a Casino on the island but so far it is not successful and the island has been and is shrinking carved by the waves and winds.
The ladies exhaled all they hammered out to promote the town, making the most of all they had learned, touched, felt, smelled and ate.  
The staff members of the town who supported the project kindly set up the occasion this presentation and got all the concerned together.
I really appreciate the efforts exerted by the ladies and the nice support provided by the citizens of the town including the civil clerks.
Thank you again !

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