It's getting to peak out of the gala !

by Kazu

My current superior was watching at the kind of so able hobgoblin in our organization who was very similar to one of the most famous Japanese traditional actor called "Ebizou" . He is actually one of the most famous scion in our entity.  
 At the end of the party thrown in Shimokawa Town, wrapping-up photo-session was held naturally at approximately ten o'clock in the evening. It' was so getting dangerous in a sense that we should wrap up the binge drinking.  
Although many of them were so tired of the too much drinking, naturally, each of them did their best and extremely enjoyed the night in the town..

 Mayor of Shimokawa Town Mr. Anzai delivered the wrapping-up speech showing the very best of the hospitality.
Beside the mayor, one of my favorites and most able civic officials Mr. Nishida was laughing after having taken so nice photos of the party and portraits including his Madonna;)    
 The mayor of the town proposed toast to wrap up the impressive party. it seemed that all of them enjoyed extremely talking with each other for the future of the state and nation. Is it dangerous for the nations on the other coast ?
Just before the photo-session to wrap up the party, the able civic officials made the all in the party shipshape.
 It might be ready except for  the most able clerk in Hokkaido Government.
Something seemed to be wrong with his underwear but that did not matter. He has been, is, and is continuing to saving the harsh and cutting-throat situation on this globe including Hokkaido Island that should providing the very best of happiness for the nation.  
The situation was getting so dangerous in the party but the darkness of ???would be continuing to be much more irresistible on the globe ?

 Anyway, kudos to the most able Japanese civic official who knows the real strategy after the World War Ⅱ.

Come on !

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