At the foot of Mt. Kuro(-dake) 2 !

by Kazu

I am very sorry for exposing not beautiful legs, speaking of mine.
But the foot bath is so popular and comfortable on the way of long driving form my hometown to Sapporo City.
Next to the foot bath, there was a hands-washing hot spring at the foot of Mt. Kuro(dake) .
At the center of the foot-bath that requires no money to soak your feet, hot spring was flowing out from the rock.
The landscape of the valley surrounded by the pillars of columnar joints is one of the highlights in the tour in Hokkaido.
Each pear of the rocks are named and has a story based on the myth of the indigenous people of Hokkaido, Ainu.

This area is included in so-called "Kamui Mintara" that means the garden where "the deities are romping around" in the language of Ainu.
The aged rocks are covered with green of spruce and other kinds of trees.
The hillside of Mt. Kuro(dake) is covered with flowers in June. They can be seen on your way up to the peak of the mountain.
The hotels and B&B that provide so comfortable rooms with reasonable price are in this area for the climbers and trekkers.
Of course, hot spring spas are enjoyable in each hotel.
"Kuro-dake no Yu" that means the hot spring of Mt.Kuro(dake) may be the most popular spa in this area.
One day trip to this area is also popular in the central part of Hokkaido. The weather is so nice in Hokkaido in this season. Let us hit the road and head to the seas and mountains !

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