Behind the party room !

by Kazu

Above is the BBQ house of Hotel GOMI in Shimokawa Town. During the Ice Breaking, I strolled around the backyard of the hotel to take photos.
Our party was continuing on the left.
 Spruces ruled the hillside and the foot was covered with bamboo grass.
A  little creek was flowing beside the backyard. It brought the cool wind from the headwaters.
 Savoring grilled delicious beef, pork, chicken and venison with veggies beside the water flow whispering must be so nice in summer and autumn.  
This is inside the BBQ house of the hotel. Without being bitten by mosquitoes, you can eat as much as you can, seeing the green of spruce and the creek.
 Two swings were set on the green. I was tempted to swing and jump from that and fell down on the green like a kid, to be honest.

I could see the bright and flat space in the upper forest.
What was that ?

To be continued.

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