"HANA-BI" Fireworks in Kitami City!


by Kazu

It started so calmly without advance call. Fireworks are called "Hana-bi" which means "flower" and "fire".
 The fireworks show tends to be sponsored by the newspaper company in Japan.
My wife seemed to eager to get closer to the pace where the fireworks were shot but the scenery from my home was enough for me.
I felt some kinds of trend in fireworks show every year and place. But the fireworks experts are limited even in Japan and the state-of-the-art technology and the sense should be handed down to the next generations.

 When we were seeing the fireworks in summer together with family, spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, our heart and bodies were filled with happiness and warmness.    
Watching the fireworks and listening the sound of explosion far away, we were just holding the hands each other. The fireworks made us forget negative things that annoyed us for a while.

 Something went through our heart and we felt something forlorn. We came back from the world of illusion to the real world.

The real flowers were waiting for us at the entrance and ease the feeling of missing fireworks;)

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