What's the night ?

by Kazu

I had been able to remember where the photos were taken but now that I am receiving three beautiful female juniors from Rikkyo University and Dohshisha University on the isolated island of Akkeshi Town alone, I remember that these dishes were what I shared with my able staff members.
I am really missing my staff because receiving three beautiful girls for a week is so nice but at the same time, it is so dangerous and I am keeping on the toes not to be hated by them and to make the most unforgettable, irresistible week for them.
To be honest, having suddenly three daughters at this age is so stimulating and happy as a man with a spouse but no kids.
The story will be posted in not-so-distanced future.
I am very sorry for having forgot the name of this Italian restaurant in Sapporo City but I will get the name from my able staff member soon. At the top is the starter of the restaurant, cold veggie soup thickened with gelatin or something like that and Champagne. At the bottom is fried thick asparagus.
I promise to post the name and URL of the restaurant soon !
All the dishes of the course we savored were excellent and grabbed our heart and stomach !  

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