Would you live in the Zero Emission Town Shimokawa ? ④

by Kazu

This facility is producing pyroligneous acid, in other word, wood vinegar that is is a dark liquid produced through the natural act of carbonization, which occurs when wood is heated in an airless container during charcoal production.

Above is the kiln to make charcoal. Three other kilns the facility has.
Making use of the abundant forest, Shimokawa Town is establishing its "zero-emission"system.
These are cut logs for making charcoal.
The steam extracted from the kiln to make charcoal is cooled down and is stocked  in the pool under this woods.
This is the pool of wood vinegar. The wood materials are soaked in this pool and dried in the warehouse of this facility.
Is it too hot in your regions ? Please be careful when you and your kids are near the water in this season !

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