The lookout Tower in the Central Park of Shimokawa Town !

 by Kazu

The sign above shows the name of this lookout tower on the hill in the central park of Shimokawa Town. The name is "Furusato Koryu-kan" that means "Hometown Exchanging Center"in English ?
The design of the building is like a fort, I think.
 The bridge leads to the entrance at the foot of the building. The water pool surrounding the tower reflects the tower and the green of the forest on the hill.
 Shimokawa Town holds an annual festival featuring candles with ice cover in winter. The scenery made of a hectic amount of candles with ice-covers is so nice to see even in the cold air but I recommend you to take your boyfriend or girlfriend to appreciate the existence each other.
The candles are placed like a pyramid and other kinds of attractive form under the stars.
 The festival is called "Ice Candle Festival". The candles are no-brainer for making up the romantic circumstances for couples but making thousands of candle cover with water is so tough even for the citizens of Shimokawa Town.
Kudos to them !

Below is the scenery from the lookout of the tower. I will post other scenery from there tomorrow.
Have a nice weekend !

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