Breathing in the green, but something was wrong !

 by Kazu

This is the turning point of my usual jogging course on the northern hillside of Kitami City. What a beautiful day it was !
 It was so calm and nice in the woods but something was wrong this summer. I could not hear male cicadas singing for attracting females.
Was it silent summer ?
Normally, we can hear cicadas singing from the middle of may to the end of September. But this year, there were very few cicadas singing.
So many insects were flying on the plain and woods but I could not find cicadas singing. Something was changing.
Only cicadas were affected by the global warming ? Some  people said that the crows learned to eat the cicadas in the process of eclosion under the leaves.
 I used to find the shells of cicadas left on the trunk of spruces after their eclosion in my infancy but I could not find any on the day.
If any analyses, please tell me ;)

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