Would you live in the Zero Emission Town Shimokawa ? ⑤

by Kazu

Above is the half-carbonized wood carving made in the facility.
What do you think the tanks and pipes on the left are?
These are the equipment to extract the fine aroma oil from pine trees.
 We visited the central park of Shomokawa Town that has the hill where look-out tower, museum, park-golf course and  ballpark field.
This is the entrance of the park facing the parking lot.
These sculptures are made of wood making use of chainsaw.
They seemed to be fairies on the green.
They seemed to be kissing.
An eagle seemed to be on the top and a snake might be heading to the eagle. The theme seemed to be a part of myth of the indigenous people of Hokkaido Ainu.
Each sculpture seemed to be made of a wood log and I really felt the enthusiasm and power of the artists.
As they were exposed to the rain and wind as well as sunshine, they will lose the color and shape gradually. I love the philosophy of the artists who set them on the green.

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