Chug-a-lug Fight !

by Kazu

After the Madonna raised and drank up Japanese a glass of Japanese sake, some males responded to that with bigger glasses of sake.  
 Japanese sake made from rice is addictive but it is so nice that it can be dangerous in binge drinking.
The size of the glass was getting bigger in the chug-a-lug fight. The civic officials of Shimokawa Town did nice fights in front of the mayor Mr.Aizai.
 He took twice chugs to drank up the sake in the lid of the fire pot.
It might be tough even for males to drank up so much sake in some seconds but a beautiful lady did a nice chug-a-lug at first and that made them enthusiastic.
 He made it !
 My staff from Matsumae Town started to dance before raise the lid filled with Japanese sake. It might be the dance for battle in his town ;)

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