Break in Arte Piazza !

by Kazu

On our way back from my hometown Kitami City, we dropped by "Arte Piazza" in Bibai City that had a variety of stone carving and other kinds of art works produced by famous Mr. Kan Yasuda born in Bibai City.
Everyday the cafe of Arte Piazza serves so nice and yum set menus including quality sweets. My wife chose G√Ęteau au chocolatand I did American apple pie on the day.
This a little bit transparent and amber cake is one of my favorites particularly when I am a little bit tired.
Needless to say, ice coffee, ice tea or the hots accompanies with the cake.
The decoration was so nice to see before picking up the part of it.
The antique percolators were displayed at the corner of the comfortable cafe..
This is the miniature replica of the famous work made by Mr. Kan Yasuda.

Our favorite spot in front of the stove made in Swede is shown below. Talking with your precious in front of not-popping but warm quality and legendary stove must be the calm and big draw of the cafe ad this park.  

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