Walking in the green, Kitami City !

by Kazu

My jogging course in my hometown Kitami City seemed brighter than usual even in the shade of green leaves growing like flames on the hillside.
The cut logs were so nice to decorate your garden so naturally.  
This is the pyramid-shaped greenhouse of "Midorino Center" that means "the center of green"  in Japanese. Banana trees and other tropical plants are growing in this house.
It was a so beautiful day and the sight was so clear that the not-so-high skyline seemed like the wave of the ocean.  
The stone pavement looked so aged with moss and their smooth surface. The smell of breathing spruce was so nice and refresh the inside of my lungs.
Why we human beings  are so attracted by the shape. Actually, I had been eager to climb the real Great Pyramid of Giza until I did with my wife in 2000.
Have you ever seen the trail I posted almost every season every year ?
What do you think this trail leads to ? Can you remember ?

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