One of my favorites !

by Kazu

This is what I would like to have them all to savor in Sapporo City.
Who are "them" ?
Of course, they are the guests invited to Akkeshi Town, Hokkaido to hummer out the ideas of promotion for the town including the isolated island "Kojima" off shore of the town.  

This lunch set is called " Kakuni Bento" composed of buckwheat noodle soup "Soba" with the very soft and tasty pork and egg boiled and flavored with  broth and soy sauce with secret recipe.  "Shinshu-an" serves this set. The sliced leek, dried seaweed and crisp fried wheat are the complement of the chef.
Please try them up and get enough satisfaction in Shinshu-an"at http://miyoshino-sapporo.jp/shinsyuan/
The original buckwheat noodle soup restaurant "Shinshu-an" was established by a lady at the southern end of Hokkaido University and after having provided the  students and the neighbors with the delicious soba as well as rice bowl set, she closed the restaurant and handed the taste, recipe and the prosperous name of the restaurant to "Miyoshino" Group that was and is running so popular Gyoza (Jiaozi (disambiguation).)  = fried dumpling restaurants in Hokkaido in order to enjoy travel to abroad that she had never tried before that. I liked her recipe and the attitude to the people so much. I do not know what she is doing and if she enjoyed enough her travel that she had planned.      

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