Display in La Vista Daisetsuzan !

by Chis.

Old tools were displayed at the entrance of the hotel La Vista Daisetsuzan on the hillside of Mt. Asahi(dake). I am not sure if they were actually used or not.
The entrance of the hotel had the space for motorcade. The atmosphere around the entrance was so nice even for the arrival in the night.

So pretty stuffed animals received the guests in front of the check-in counter.
Tomato juice, fruit jam and confections looked so attractive for us tired of dealing with business logs for a week and long drive from Sapporo City.
 I can not drink alcohol and I wish I could savor the taste of amber aqua vitae as a night cap.
So nice bar was there in the hotel. I was sure I would fall asleep without drinking but the bar had a nice taste for adults.

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