The comfy hotel plays as

by Chis.

You may find so many sculptures of owl, brown bear, rabbit and fox on the shelves in the souvenir shop in Hokkaido. Those animals were considered as deities by the indigenous people in Hokkaido Ainu.
Do you know "raw caramel" made by Hanabatake Ranch that means "Flower Garden Ranch" in Japanese ?  That was "in" for a while in Hokkaido, particularly for the visitors from outside the island.
The ranch got the first prize in the cheese competition in Japan.  The cheese for raclette got the award given by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery.
Hokkaido wolves were exterminated many years ago. Nobody can find them in Hokkaido now.
These pretty dolls are sold in front of the check-in counter.
 I am not sure if these skids were actually used before or not but they give the special twist to the circumstances at the entrance of the hotel. The hotel group absolutely has a cutting edge in their running hotels.

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