La Vista Daisetsuzan, Overview !

by Chis.

It was the Star Festival Night. Oblong cards on which the hopes of people were written were put on the branches of the willow displayed on the lobby floor.  
 Walking around the hotel on the highland in the night was so nice that the humid and hot daytime far away could be forgettable for a while.  
 The guests who arrived in the hotel were received in this area so kindly and the lecture on the fauna and flora of this highland was delivered in the same space at around nine thirty in the evening.
 All the arrangement of the display in the hotel showed the hospitality of the staff working in the hotel, I think.
"The garden where the deities are romping around" is written on the pole standing beside the entrance.
Inhaling the cold air on the highland, my hubby jogged around and took these photos for me.
 It is impossible for me to wake up early in the morning and stroll around in the nature. We took our important guests from Albuquerque, NM to this hotel last year. We will come again and again to this place, remembering our friends who are traveling all over the world.
I will post the photos of the scenery that we could not show them last year !

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