Twenty minutes passed !

by Chis.

I think that this was the best condition to approach the peak of Mt. Asahi(dake).
 Different from the last time we reached the peak of the mountain, flabbergasting magnificent landscape of the deities' garden on the highland would be seen from the peak.

"Sugatami-no-ike" that means the pond reflecting yourself was also reflecting the skyline of the mountain.
 This round trekking course beside the station of the lift is so popular to stroll. It is approximately 3.2 km to go around.
The house seen over the lookout is for evacuation. Unfortunately, some people passed away around this area. To ease the pain of the passers-by, one bell was set in this area. many visitors ring the bell but I prefer the silence in the deities' garden.  

 So attractive trekking courses were shown on the map but conquering the several peaks in the highland garden must require the power and guts even to the females, I think.

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