Cape Sohya ! Northren End of Japan Currently !

by Eternity

Island Teuri or Yagishiri could be seen far away from the coast of Haboro Town on the west coast of Hokkaido Island. I took the photo above during the time called "magic hour".

Have you ever seen such scenery above and on the right in Cornwall that is also expected to be on their own after Scotland ?
These are the Sohya Hills near Cape Sohya in Hokkaido. Such "buena vista" surrounded me while taking photos.

The photos below were taken at the lookout on the Cape Sohya. So many motor bicycles were having rest with their riders on the cape where was the the sacred place for bike tourists. 

The sculpture on the bottom photo was made for Mr. Rinzou Mamiya who explored to Hokkaido and Sakhalin Island as well as Krill Island for the first time as a Japanese. He left Cape Sohya for Island Sakhalin so in his exploring and the strait between Sakhalin and Cape Sohya is the namesake of his family name Mamiya.
( Kudos to Eternity !)

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