One tenth to the peak and ・・・!

by Kazu

First of all, I would like to express my sincere condolences for the families who lost their be-loved due to the eruption of Mt. Ontake(san) in Nagano Prefecture. Thirty one people died of lack of oxygen or the heat of the burning air from the crater.
What they wanted to see and feel was such magnificent marvelous scenery from the peak.
We went through the altitude of clouds and felt like worlds away from usual lives.
 The peak of the mountain was over the rock. A little bit more to the peak.
Almost no plants were seen at the altitude. It is lower than the mountains in the main island of Japan but Hokkaido is northern end of Japan and cold, the border of flora is at much more lower altitude.  
No smell of sulfur could be felt on this level. Just cold comfortable winds went through our cheeks and gave us the additional power.
The clouds went up to the peak with us.
The eyesight was much better than the last time we stood on the peak. Other peaks of the deities garden could be seen clearly on the day.
We had lunch and peaked out to the opposite side a little bit. There was ・・・.
To be continued.

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