Start !

by Chis.

We arrived  at the starting point of our trekking to the peak of Mt. Asahi(dake).
It had taken one and half hours when we had conquered the peak last time.
The condition was much better than before because we had had to wait for sunshine after raining.
When it comes to trekking, I am not sure if my hubby originally like to stroll around highlands or not but he actually loves to lock-on and attack the object swiftly like a beast of prey when he get his own target.    
Every time we climb a mountain, he gives me good supports and care. I am sure he enjoys the scenery from the tops of mountains but he never steps into the sacred area of deities unless I asked him to accompany.  
After having finished my workload of the week, I was a little bit weary but the beautiful scenery and cold air refreshed me so much.
 The highland marsh had many pond on the hillside.
It could be expected that much more magnificent beautiful landscape would be waiting for us.  
 Mt. Asahi(dake) has the highest peak in Hokkaido that is at an altitude of 2,291 m.

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